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Gen 4.0

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JustPay 4.0

“The pursuit of making digital banking services the pinnacle of Jamuna Bank Limited. To stay with our customers how they need us and when they need us.”

Mirza Elias Uddin Ahmed
Managing Director & CEO

Jamuna Bank Limited

The Challenge

You, our awesome users have told us you needed a dashboard that reflected your money at any given moment. You did not want to be presented with a boring old menu like EVERY other baking application out there in banking application in Bangladesh.  We were thrilled to know that you have enjoyed our nimble functionalities but you also wanted to manage the other accounts that you have with the bank. You told us to make it easy for you to manage your money no matter what kind of an account you hold. Most of all you did not want us to activate more services on to the platform.

Black & White

Intuitive Dashboard

All your necessities in quick reach
Now all you need to do is do your banking

Simplifying the most used service

How do you make the most popular service on the app even better? Most of our customers will transact 2-3 times on JustPay per day and every 2 out of 3 transactions revolve around ‘Transfers’. Send Money, Request Money, Add Money from Cards, Wallets, and Online Banking. We packed in everything in 1 terrific compact UI that oozes ‘interactive’ as its first name.

3D Geometric Shapes
Image by Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez
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